Glory Bosnjak’s Journey to Repentance and a New Life

Glory Bosnjak is a Nigerian-born singer based in Switzerland who shot to fame through a Swiss reality talent show The Voice of Switzerland in 2014.

Glory had a seemingly successful career as an artist and entreprenuer since her appearance at SRF The Voice. She released rnb singles and videos, while living here best life as a mother to 2 beautiful girls, wife to a Croatian petroleum mogul and owner of only black-owned hair and beauty parlor in Nyon, one of the wealthiest towns along Lake Lamón/Geneva.

However, beyond the mask of a woman living her dreams was a broken and self loathing woman carrying the burden of guilt and regret. In a tell-all YouTube interview, Glory talks about her near death experience, repentance and dedication to Jesus. She leaves a message:

The door is closing-get right with Jesus.

Her story is a graceful display of courage and openness.

Watch Glory’s Interview:



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