New Place New Identity: Are People in the Diaspora Changing their Children’s Last Names?

One lessons we have learnt from the internet is that if you take a piece of information, carefully script it, and say it over and over again for a relatively long period of time, that information becomes believable, reality, the truth, an identity. That is the skill of a politician, or someone who’s planning change for their own benefit.

I am realizing that Africans of all genders who are having children in the diaspora or in interracial marriages are eliminating their African identity, and you won’t notice if you don’t look. It is completely shocking that this act completely breaks away the child from their family name and totem and a generation of two later may have very loose ties if any, to their homeland and African identity.

As a result of eliminating their last name and totem from their public identity, I realized that these children being born overseas do not exists as Africans, they exist as exotic in the public. They are just Black people, with their first or second ethnic name loosely tying them to their African roots which a stranger will pass as exotic.

A first name can qualify as exotic because it does not say much about the person’s family history rather characterics. An exotic name is one that sounds like a foreign language, like African but it could also be South American, Afro Caribbean, African American, Black American, Islands or British Nigerian. duration until some information into the internet that .

An African name is your identity, it carries your family with you. It carries all transactions that have been done in your family name, thereby carries your family accounts. Accounts of virtue like heroism, sacrifice, genius, and all that is recognized universally and is appreciated and rewarded across any race. Your last name will always lead you home. Your last name carries the virtues of your ancestors. It keeps you, it protects you, it keeps you grounded, gives you courage, and with your name will always tie you to home.

Maybe some are willing to give up their past and start a completely new life, for their children to know a different story. A story without much bad accounts. It is understandable, however consider what you could lose in ignorance before losing your last name.



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