The Exponential Age Isn’t Made for Pessimists

Pessimists sound smart. Pessimists see the doors that are closed.

But isn’t pessimism just exhausting? Hasn’t our negativity bias been exploited to the max that it’s driving us back into collective barbaric behavior that shows no faith in or care about the future?

Can we explore optimism and see how far it will take us. Optimists see the doors that are open and go on to kick down the doors that are closed.

They find a way, hell or high water. There’s no giving up. There’s no letting the dystopian narrative win. That’s how our ancestors have moved past the hard times in history we’ve found ourselves in.

I personally believe that the best times in history are upon us. The Exponential Age is here and about to take over and will change the human experience.

There’s no reason why Africans , Black and Brown people and other historically marginalized groups shouldn’t be as obsessed with exponential technologies.

These technologies might still be out of reach for most as are the basics like power supply and internet connectivity but that should even motivate us to go after development with the eagerness of a mosquito.

Today’s technologies in computation, sensors, networks, AI, robotics, 3D printing, synthetic biology, AR/VR, blockchain and my favorites- space & satellites.

All of these technologies are about to reach their peak adoption simultaneously and what will happen if we remain pessimistic as a people or economic group?

Standing in the middle of floodwaters and screaming the world is screwed will only guarantee you get swept away into the drain. A little optimism I’m sure, may not bring us paradise but will definitely move the needle a few degrees away from the current age of pessimism.



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